Original BURTINI Cups & Balls Set

Manufactured at the close of the Second World War, these cups are made of copper, and covered by a heavy layer of chrome.

One cup has small dent, easily hidden during display or performance.

Comes with original set of instructions by the manufacturer.


This item is priced at $169.00, and is ready to ship.


Large Indian Street Cups & Balls (set of two)

These very decorative cups (hand etched and painted) are used by classic

street performers in India, and elsewhere in the Middle-East.  They come with cork balls, rubber balls, and an "Indian Magic" DVD with digital instructions.

Due to conflicts in their country of origin, we can no longer obtain these.


This item is priced at $109.00, and is ready to ship.

SMall "Hindu-Style" Cups & Balls (set of three)

These beautiful cups are composed of hand-etched and painted copper.

The set comes with three large "final load" cork balls, four smaller cork balls

(for the traditional Indian or Hindu-style cup and ball routine), AND three small pea-sized (pink) solid-rubber balls, which can also be used in the classic

three shell game sequences and moves.


We are no longer able to obtain these, and have very few left.


This item is priced at $54.00, shipped, in the USA. Shipping elsewhere is extra.

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