Some Early Testimonials for ImpossiBall


“[Mai’s] sleight of hand is amazing.  I’m usually pretty good at reverse-engineering, but I’ve watched this for the last month and was just baffled. Genius moves.”


- Graham Marshall

   London, UK



“The effect is awesome and the production is Simple And Direct.  The angles and the instructions provided make the drills easy to follow...

I should be smooth as Luis Omar in no time. :)


Looking forward for more amazing effects!


Thank you.”


Juan Pacito

   Manila, Philippines



"Okay; I loved it before I knew the secret but now that I know, I love it even more! And it was only nine-dollars!


I can use it alone,

I can use it with my multiplying balls,

I can use it with my cups and balls!


It is great Luis! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions and thank you for the bonus!"


Mick Valenti

  Springfield, Illinois,USA


This is how video instruction should be done! The video is clear and professional, contains no pointless filler and gets straight to the point.


Luis provides a full performance as the spectator sees it. He then breaks down the moves step-by-step with a very clear exposed video angle. He even breaks down the individual steps so there is no problem following along.


Finally he shows the complete effect from the exposed angle.

You also get a bonus move, using a pen as a magic wand to vanish the ball in a similar way.


Luis explains that because of the angles; this is a trick to perform one-on-one or on a video for FaceBook.  Similar to the Balducci levitation, this would be a strong effect in the right situation.

Some of you will decide that this makes the trick impractical, but others will enjoy learning this quick effect. I also think this is the type of routine that will help you improve your sleight of hand skills and think about other ways to make an object vanish and reappear.


Congratulations, Luis. I think this is a great first video and I look forward to seeing more!


James Munton - Magic Bistro


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