Harry Houdini

Standing roughly 15-inches tall, our busts are nearly life-sized.

There can be little doubt that Harry Houdini remains the most iconic name in the history of conjuring.   Our Houdini bust, created by renowned British Sculptor Peter Close, is unique in that it features the performer in his strait jacket.


This bust now resides in private collections and museums throughout North America, Europe and the UK.


Each bust, created at the time of order in cold cast bronze (a mixture of designer resin and powdered bronze), is hand numbered and signed by the artist.


There will be no more than 1,000 created.


The price for this bust, including shipping anywhere in the above-named regions, is $379.00, US, at present, but will soon increase due to the escalation in the prices of manufacturing materials and shipping.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Standing roughly 15-inches tall, our busts are nearly life-sized.

As with our Houdini statue, we commissioned renowned British Sculptor Peter Close to create our original bust of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Each bust in hand set by Peter, in cold cast bronze, at the time the order is placed, and is individually signed and numbered by the artist.  There will be only 1000 created.  Several are now in international museums.


Allow up to four weeks for delivery (possibly more during the Holiday Season).


This item is priced at $379.00, and is subject to increase very soon.

Solid Bronze Sculpture

This famous sculpture, stands 12 inches tall, and is the

first in our sold (hot cast) solid bronze series.  The Magician

is seen standing on a base of genuine Italian marble.


This item is priced at $159.00, + $35.00 if outside of the USA.

"The Magician"

This items stands about 14 inches tall.

Ours comes with a set of SIX Bronze Rings,

and is a classic sculpture from the Art Deco period.

She, too, is standing on a solid, Italian marble base.


This item is priced at $189.00, + $35 if outside of the USA.

Claude Colinet's "Girl with Rings"

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