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I was commissioned to create the cover art for the December, 2016, issue of The International Brotherhood of Magicians' monthly, The Linking Ring magazine.  The request was to create an 18th Century French Street Magician (L' Escamoteur) in the style of prints done in the period.


The magician on the magazine cover is based upon the Howard Bamman/Phil WIllmarth Trophy, awarded annually by the IBM to deserving Linking Ring Contributors.  The Trophy itself is based upon a bronze inkwell (seen on the cover of Milbourne Christopher's "History of Magic").  Ken Klosterman now owns that inkwell/statue, and the details of the image I painted are based upon it. (samples of these 18th Century images and the inkwell are seen below.  There's a short article on the trophy in the issue mentioned.


When creating the image, I noted that it shares the same basic design as the classic 16th Century Tarot magician (frequently seen as "Le Bateleur"), with the magician on the card, with his right hand pointing upwards and left pointing down (this is the traditional Hermetic "As above, so below" pose) found on Tarot cards.


I've created a limited edition of 300 metal hanging pieces, with a slightly modified image (as seen here).  It's ready to hang on the wall, as is, or can be mounted, matted and framed, if you prefer, once you receive it.  This piece is manufactured in the USA.









































































(Seen above), is

Copyright 2016, The International Brotherhood of Magicians

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This piece is created in a process called "electronic sublimation," rather than just screen printed.  The image is actually fused with the .22 gauge steel, in the printing process.  It will remain scratch and dent resistant,  under normal displaying conditions.

This Metal Wall-Art measures a large 12 x 16 inches.


The cost is $39.00 PLUS $9.67 for shipping, for addresses in the Continental USA

The Headmaster Sleeps


This piece is neither authorized by nor affiliated with J. K. Rowling or Warner Brothers studios.  It's offered by a fan for fans of the Potter films.


The image size is 9 x 14 inches, and is rendered in archival ink on 100% cotton paper, to last a lifetime.


Price: $39.00, including shipping.  Shipping outside the US may be extra.

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